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Waffle Fanny Pack

What could be better than a blend of fashion, function and food? Well, look no further. Introducing our first-of-its-kind insulated Waffle Fanny Pack complete with an integrated syrup holder, created to celebrate the centerpiece of Hampton’s free hot breakfast. The insulated pouch keeps your waffle warm, while the syrup holder allows you to keep your essentials secured. Whether you’re heading to a brunch outing or a fun-filled adventure, this Hampton Waffle inspired fanny pack adds a delightful touch to your ensemble, leaving you hands-free and ready to savor every moment. Available only for a limited time.

Hampton exclusive

Limited time only

Poly 300D exterior

Insulated lining

Zipper closure

Includes europrene syrup holder on belt

8" wide x 8" height x 2.5" diameter

Waffle Fanny Pack

$19.99 $14.99

Sold Out!